About Principal and Staff

Principal Arthur Mola

The Bancroft community is pleased to welcome Arthur Mola as our new principal. Mr. Mola is transitioning out of his current position of assistant principal at Bancroft effective immediately. Previous to that he was a teacher and administrator for fifteen years in Oakland, California and Washington, D.C. before joining Bancroft Elementary as an assistant principal. He holds a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on Bilingual Education and ESL. Inspired by his bilingual experience as a child of Cuban immigrants and growing up in Bronx, New York, Mr. Mola embraces and recognizes the value of preparing students to become global citizens by celebrating their cultural heritage through literacy, language and arts. He is very excited about continuing in the Bancroft community  (more...

Assistant Principal Jessica Martinez

The Bancroft community is pleased to welcome Jessica Martinez as our new assistant principal. This year, Mrs. Martinez  transitioned out of her former position as instructional coach to Assistant Principal. She has been at Bancroft since 2002 and holds two Master's Degrees in Bilingual Special Education. Mrs. Martinez is a native Washingtonian and grew up in the heart of Mt. Pleasant. She is the daughter of Salvadoran Immigrants who instilled education as a priority. Ms. Martinez always advocates for social justice and affirms and validates the diversity that exists in our community. 

Front Office
Mrs. Lopez-Diaz, Administrative Assistant

Mr. Brooks, Director of Strategy and Logistics

Mr. Guzman, Assistant for Strategy and Logistics

Mr. Bonilla, Assistant for Strategy and Logistics


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