Additional Staff

Ms. Slatin, Instructional Coach

Mr. Hardy, Health and Physical Education

Ms. Miller, Technology

Ms. Colon, Counselor

Ms. Covington, Nurse

Ms. McConnell, Literacy Coach

Ms. Caston, Food Service Manager

Mr. Hubbard, Buildings and Grounds

Ms. Melchor, Librarian

Ms. Bartlett, Gardening

Ms. Bell, Security Officer

Ms. Rodriquez, Counselor 

Ms. Zamore, Psychologist

Ms. Ortez, OST Cluster Analyst

Mr. Reyes, Buildings and Grounds

Mr. Frye, Music

Ms. Maier, Social Worker

Ms. Frontera, Speech and Language Pathologist

Mr. Bonilla, Afterschool 

Mr. Phillips, Buildings and Grounds