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Starting in mid-2012, more than 200 Bancroft leaders, teachers and parents came together to develop a new vision for our school. Initially we met in focus groups to share our hopes and dreams for our children. In December, a small group spent a day drafting the vision. We unveiled the final vision at the State of the School event on January 30, 2013.

The LSAT, teachers, and others have since developed a strategic plan to carry out the vision and meet our ambitious goals.

Bancroft’s purpose is to inspire and enable all students to reach their full potential in and beyond elementary school.

Bancroft is a diverse and vibrant community of learners preparing all students to be high-achieving, bilingual global citizens who lead in the 21st century.
In 5 years,
  • Proficiency rates are at least 75% on all major indicators, and specifically for the English language learner subgroup.
  •  80% of Bancroft graduates are proficient in math and reading in middle and high school.*
  •  100% of students participate in learning experiences with an international focus, including 60% of 5th graders going abroad.   
  •  All students are involved in student-led, inter-disciplinary experiences and learning facilitated by teachers and the school culture.**

As a community of learners, we will pursue our purpose and ambition with urgency guided by these beliefs:
  • All children, regardless of background or circumstance, can achieve at the highest levels.
  • It is our responsibility to provide high academic and rigorous learning experiences that are engaging, stimulating and individualized.
  • We believe that bilingualism and bi-literacy promote student appreciation for other cultures and their own self-identity, and they are an advantage in school, life and career.
  • We must create a compassionate, safe and nurturing environment where diversity and self-expression are valued.
  • Families are critical partners in student success.
  • Students will succeed when we actively participate in a collaborative learning community that uses a variety of data to support all learners.

*     80% of trackable students (which may only extend to DCPS but could extend to charter schools by that time).
** We will embark on a learning year, to discover how we would know that students are leading their own education, engaged in the classroom, and developing the 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking, etc.


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