Strategic Plan/Plan estratégico

In January 2013, the Bancroft Elementary School community unveiled a new vision that we believe will move the school to the next level of success.  The purpose of this strategic plan is to make sure that our five-year ambitions are achieved.  This plan will serve as a guide for all of the work we do, to ensure our students consistently have powerful learning experiences and reach ambitious goals.

Ambition 1: Proficiency rates are at least 75% on all major indicators, and specifically for the English language learner subgroup.

1. Use student performance data to provide appropriate support and learning experiences for students at all levels.  
2. Provide professional development for differentiated instruction, technology, and second­ language acquisition. 
3. Continue to align and fine-­tune curriculum planning and curriculum across languages. 
4. Continue to build relationships with parents and families and provide them with the skills and resources to advocate for and support their child’s academic success.  

Ambition 2: 80% of Bancroft graduates are proficient in math and reading in middle and high school. 

1. Explore partnerships and data sharing platforms with middle­- and high-school partners. 
2. Create a plan to address this ambition.
3. Collect student baseline data at the end of SY 2013-­14.

Ambition 3:  100% of students participate in learning experiences with an international focus, including 60% of 5th graders going abroad.

1. Develop a plan to promote a multi­cultural school environment and integrate internationalism into school curriculum across disciplines.  
2. Over the next year, develop the timeline and plan for specific grade ­level themes and activities that ultimately culminate in a 5th grade trip abroad by 2017.

Ambition 4: All students are involved in student-led, inter-disciplinary experiences and learning facilitated by teachers and the school culture.

1. To create classrooms that foster community, student leadership and independence in a safe, challenging, and joyful environment.  
2. Adopt or create a model that promotes inquiry­based, hands­on learning across all grade levels.
3. Establish a process for students to reflect on and direct their growth as scholars and global citizens.
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Jocelyn Kaiser,
Nov 7, 2013, 7:13 AM