What's Great About Bancroft?/¿Qué es lo más destacado de Bancroft?

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Two languages.
All Bancroft students spend half their time learning in English and half in Spanish from preschool through 5th grade. Bancroft is one of  a few DCPS elementary schools with a school-wide dual language program. Two teachers in most classrooms allow for small groups and individualized learning.

Diversity. Bancroft families and teachers come from all over the world, from Latin America to Spain, Ethiopia and Vietnam. This cultural diversity is part of what makes our school special.

A community school. Half of Bancroft's students are in-boundary and many others are from nearby neighborhoods such as Columbia Heights.

Preschool rocks. Interest in our preschool and pre-k program, which uses the play-based Tools of the Mind curriculum, put Bancroft in the top 10 most popular schools in the DCPS preschool lottery in 2012.

Workshop learning. Reading, writing and math are structured in the workshop format which includes a brief mini-lesson and lots of collaborative and individualized learning time for students.  All classrooms have extensive libraries in English and/or Spanish so that each student has access to books at his or her reading level.

Inclusion and intervention. Teams of teachers, including special educators, collaborate to teach students in an inclusion model where all learners are in a classroom together.  Differentiated and individualized learning experiences provide students with both the support and challenge they need to continue on their learning paths.

Award-winning. Bancroft has received the TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) award for two years running for our progress on the DC-CAS test. In 2012, we were among the top five DCPS schools in math growth.

Green thumbs. Stroll through our garden this spring to see the kale, carrots, and raspberries that students plant and care for as part of our long-running gardening program. Bancroft students are invited regularly to help First Lady Michelle Obama with planting and harvesting in the White House garden.

Specials. Bancroft students attend "specials" classes daily--art, music, physical education, technology, library, and gardening and nutrition.

We've got vision. In 2012, Bancroft's leaders, teachers and parents came together to develop a new vision for our school. We're now working on a strategic plan.

Afterschool offerings. Our aftercare program and activities include DC Scores, Girls on the Run, Common Threads, and drama club. New offerings include classes with the Sitar Arts Center and tennis for kindergarteners. Next fall look for chess and Girl Scouts.

A strong PTA. Our Parent-Teacher Association has been active for many years and helped win funding for our playground renovation in 2010. In 2013, we held our first annual art auction and salsa night. There’s much more to come!