After School Enrichment and Clubs

The extended-day programs at Bancroft ES provide much more than afternoon supervision. They allow students to participate in academic and extracurricular enrichment activities and to develop new hobbies and skills. Community-based organizations and DCPS teachers and aides provide a variety of unique programming options to students during the afterschool program. Students also receive a daily healthy snack. This year at Bancroft, DCPS will provide services for 2nd through 5th grades and Capitol Educational Support (CES) will provide services for PK3 through 1st grades. Please inquire in the office about registration.  Click here to see the CES Bancroft blog!

Participation in high-quality extended day programs has been proven to improve school attendance, academic achievement, graduation rates and attitudes toward learning. Students attending three hours of afterschool programming each day gain the equivalent of nearly four months of learning time. 

Bancroft's afterschool program offers homework help, arts and crafts, Girls on the Run, the DC Scores Soccer and Poetry program, and the Asian American LEAD program among other activities.

The DCPS web site has more information on their after school programs.  

Bancroft's Afterschool Program Cluster Coordinator for SY2016-2017 is Cristina Ortez, 

In addition, there are a number of afterschool enrichment opportunities open to all students, regardless of enrollment in the afterschool programs. These include First Lego League and Bancroft Builders (based on STEM-based curriculums), Chess Club, Safari Club, Karate classes, GeoPlunge (a geography-learning game which culminates in citywide tournament), Basketball, Drama Club, Life Science Club, Yoga and Drumming! For more info, see the current Club Roster, the Clubs Calendar, or contact us for info at:

Afterschool is available from 3:30pm – 6 pm

There may be a fee for participation in the afterschool program. Please work with the Afterschool Coordinators to determine your fee and schedule of payments. 

 During aftercare, students must be signed out in the main office. Please do not pick-up your child from the playground or any other area without receiving a pass in the office first. This will help us to maintain student safety and accurate student records.