Communicating in Languages Other Than English
In order to support students whose families speak a language other than English, Bancroft translates all key documents into Spanish and has bilingual staff members who are fluent in Spanish and other languages.  Bancroft provides Spanish interpretation at all parent meetings and most school-wide events.  In addition, parents/guardians who speak Amharic or Vietnamese may request interpretation for Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Please let administrators know if you or a parent you know needs translation into languages other than Spanish, Amharic or Vietnamese.    

Communication to Staff Issues or Concerns
If you have an issue or concern that you would like to speak about with a Bancroft staff member, you may call to discuss the issue or set up a meeting by calling the school at (202)673-7280.   Each staff member has an email account and will check messages regularly.  Staff members will make every effort to meet with parents/family members as soon as possible.  A complete list of staff members, email addresses, and voicemail boxes will be available at Back to School Night.

Student and Family Contact Information
THE SCHOOL MUST HAVE UP-TO-DATE CONTACT INFORMATION FOR EACH STUDENT AND HIS OR HER FAMILY AT ALL TIMES FOR EMERGENCIES, CHANGES IN SCHEDULE, OR OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION.  If telephone numbers on file do not work, then emergency contact numbers will be called.  Please visit the front office to fill out a form with changes in telephone numbers or address as needed.   

Family Directory
A Family Directory will be released to each family in the fall.  Additional copies will be available upon request from the PTA.

Teachers prepare monthly grade-level newsletters for families.  These are sent home the first week of each month; weekly updates will be sent home other weeks.   Bancroft also sends home a bi-weekly communication that highlights upcoming events, school-wide news, and key school accomplishments. 

Parent-Staff Communication
As partners in your child’s education, we are committed to developing a strong relationship with all of our families.  You can expect all staff members to listen and assume the best intent from you.  We ask that you extend the same respect to all staff members. Although some issues and concerns may be urgent and important, all staff and family members must model appropriate language and behavior for our students when resolving challenging issues. Inappropriate or threatening behavior can result in restricted access to school grounds and activities. 

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parents-Teacher conferences take place October, February and May.  Families will receive progress reports before or at conferences.  It is highly recommended that parents/guardians attend all conferences. 

As part of our family engagement initiative, there will be academic parent-teacher teams at some grade levels.  Teachers and parents will meet together to review class and student progress, set goals and learn ways to support learning at home.