Student Expectations

Attendance is critical to every student’s success.  We expect students to attend school every day, arrive on time, and leave on time.  Recognition of excellent attendance will be integral to the school. 
If a student must be absent, families should notify the school and provide a reason for the absence.   Upon your child’s return to school (or before the absence in cases of known extended absences), a written note, with your student’s name, date of absence and reason of absence must be turned in to the Front Office.  Families will be contacted if their child is absent without explanation.   Bancroft Elementary follows the DCPS Attendance Policy and Truancy protocol outlined below:

DCPS Truancy Protocol
Unless otherwise noted, all days refer to cumulative unexcused absences.

Day 1:    Call parent (Teacher and Connect Ed)
Day 3:    Call parent and/or send letter home
Day 5:     Conduct parent truancy conference or home visit (if parent non-responsive) and develop Attendance Intervention Plan
Day 10*:    Refer students ages 5-13 years of age to CFSA for educational neglect
Day 25:    Refer student/parent to DC Superior Court

*Per recently passed Safe Children and Safe Neighborhoods Education Neglect Mandatory Amendment Act of 2010

Valid Excuses for Absences
  • Illness of the student or medical cause (a doctor’s note is required for a student absent more than five days);
  • Death in the student’s immediate family;
  • Exclusion due to quarantine, contagious disease, etc.
  • Necessity for a student to attend a judicial proceeding as a plaintiff, defendant, witness or juror;
  • Observance of a religious holiday;
  • Lawful exclusion or expulsion by school authorities
  • Temporary facility closings due to weather, unsafe conditions or other emergencies
  • Medical or dental appointment for the student
  • Authorized Employment or other volunteer work for student at least 17 years old
  • Failure of DC to provide transportation where legally responsible
  • Emergency or circumstances approved by the school
The school is here to support your family and child in maintaining good attendance throughout the year.

Tardy Policy
It is important to children’s learning and success at school that they arrive on time and participate in all school routines.  Therefore, it is important that all students and families follow the guidelines provided below.
  • School begins promptly at 8:45am.
  • Students who enter the building after 8:45am are considered late and will not be admitted to class without a tardy pass.
  • Parents must notify the main office, not classroom teachers, if students will be late or absent.

7:00 – 8:45am     All students/families must enter through the main doors on Newton St., NW.

After 8:45am     Students/families must be buzzed in through the door at Newton & 18th.
Students/families must go to the main office to sign-in and pick up a tardy pass.
Teachers will send students without passes back to office for a pass.

Daily         The attendance clerk will cross-check tardy sign-ins with teacher attendance.
The registrar will log attendance data into STARS and determine if absences and tardies are excused or unexcused based on information received in the office.

Bancroft's Tardy Intervention Protocol:
For all students and for all excused and unexcused late arrivals:

3 tardies    letter in backpack
5 tardies    phone call
10 tardies    parent meeting with member of the attendance team
15 tardies    certified letter from Principal
20 tardies    meeting with principal

The maintenance of discipline within the classroom and on school property is everyone’s responsibility.  Staff members will treat students respectfully in all situations. Students are expected to follow all classroom and school rules.  Rules and expectations will be clearly communicated to students and parents; consequences will be administered calmly and fairly when necessary.

 While on school property or during a school activity, parents are expected to discipline their child in a positive manner.  Parents who physically discipline their children at school may be prohibited from participating in fieldtrips and may be asked to wait for their child outside of the building.  

Bancroft Elementary School follows the DCPS Chapter 25 Student Discipline Policy

Valuable Items
Personal toys, and collectibles such as trading cards or bakugan, are not permitted in school unless approved in advance by the teacher. Children are strongly discouraged from bringing toys on sharing days. Any toys brought from home without permission will be taken and held by a classroom teacher, Principal, or Head of School. Toys will be returned following a conversation with the parent/guardian.

Please note that students are not permitted to bring toys to school to trade or barter with other students.

Cell Phones: Cell phones and pagers brought in by student must then be turned off during the day and left in a secure location. Students who are using a cell phone during the school day will be issued a warning for the first violation. For the second violation, a parent/guardian will need to pick up the cell phone from the Front Office.

Electronic Devices: No other electronic devices (such as radios, cassette or CD players, iPods, MP3 players, Gameboys, or other portable gaming devices) may be brought to school. 

Valuables: Valuables, such as jewelry, money, or electronics, should not be brought to school. 

Bancroft Elementary School is not responsible for valuable items that are lost, stolen or damaged.